Update to v1.03

Today we're launching a new feature of the eSports Cloud: the public player profiles. Registered users may now activate and manage their player profile to reflect their gaming careers and achievements. Player profiles are public and optional. We've set it this way so users may keep their accounts and information private and still browse around and interact with the Cloud.

As an example, you can check my player profile at ! 

Next stop will be teams and social interaction between players. We'll announce more when ready!

As usual, here are the update notes:

  • Added player public profiles;
    • Added user external links;
    • Added player results;
  • Performance improvements;
  • Added Heroes of the Storm to the game database;
  • Account management design improved;
  • Added rich text to event descriptions;
  • Minor bug fixes;

Written by wlfz on 03 Apr 19:30



Update to v1.02


In this update to the eSports Cloud, we've improved the stream system and opened it to all users. Players can now add their own streams to the Cloud, simply by registering and filling the form. There is also a description so players can either explain their streams or write about themselves.

We've also implemented a system to classify the streams based on their performance and regarding the games they stream, as it would be unfair to compare, for example, League of Legend streaming numbers with StarCraft.

Finally we're working on a benefit for the streams of the users registered in the Cloud, but we haven't decided on this yet. Most likely it will be a "featured" bonus on the streaming list. We'll announce this soon.

Please keep in mind that at the moment we're only supporting Twitch streams.

As always, here are the latest updates:

  • Players can now add their own streams;
    • Players can customize the name and the description of their streams;
  • Stream data reading improved;
  • Top performing streams by casters and progamers are now shared on Facebook and Twitter automatically;
  • Stream categorization based on spectator reach and game broadcasted;
  • New aditions to the player profiles, preparing for the next update:
    • Added player class;
    • Added location;
    • Added biography;
  • Performance improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Written by wlfz on 12 Mar 12:00



Update to v1.01


Today we're officially putting an end to the first stage of the eSports Cloud, finishing its four main trackers: events, streams, news and barcrafts! 

For our next step we're going to work with player profiles and something entirely new! We'll try to make it fast!

Still, here are the notes for this update:

  • Added multilanguage support;
    • Added Portuguese to the supported languages;
  • Improved TimeZone changes;
  • Redesigned stream support;
    • This new system will allow for anyone to add their streams soon;
  • Added Barcraft tracker;
  • Performance improvements;
  • Minor bugs fixes;

Written by wlfz on 11 Feb 13:00



Latest update to v0.7


Like we stated in the previous post, before fishing this beta stage and moving on to the next module of the eSports Cloud, we're spending some time improving and performance tunning the application in it's current state.

As of this moment, we've:

  • Improved the performance and response time of the Cloud;
  • Added country tagging to the streams and news (which in turn will...);
  • Allow the users to highlight the local esports content of their countries as an option;
  • Improved the login system;

More improvements will soon follow, so stay tuned!

Again, we remind our users to send us any contributions they deem reasonable or necessary to make this app better and more efficient for everyone.

Written by wlfz on 07 Nov 19:00



eSports news added to the Cloud!

Today we've finished and deployed the third module of our core product: the news feeds.

As of now, the most recent news of your favorite games will be displayed on the homepage, just below the events and streams blocks.

A news archive has also been

created, to store every news article the feeds have gathered. This will allow users to search for specific news or to just navigate thr

ough previous content of the games we track.

We'll also be adding a way of users to add any rss feed they may deem fit and that's currently not being fetch very soon. 

With this we've concluded the three most important parts of the eSports Cloud so far. Players can now easily search for events, track streams and follow news of their favorites games in one single page.

Our next step will be to improve the current state of the Cloud before starting our next addition. 

Stay tuned!

Written by wlfz on 30 Oct 17:00